We are innovative!

NxBv a Brazilian startup, is set to disrupt the alcoholic beverage segment with our new patent pending technology. We combined the practicality of coffee capsules with alcohol to create hot Brazilian and international cocktails at the push of a button. Our aim is to produce the best possible experience for our customers. NxBv's product line includes five flavors:

The traditional Hot Wine

One of the winter classics comes to your hands in capsules. Hot Wine, appreciated in many countries around the world, is a combination of red wine and spices, producing special flavor and aroma. The story goes that the hot drink came with the ancient Greeks, who mixed the wine with spices to prevent waste and enjoy the properties of the herbs. Popularized by the Roman Empire, Hot Wine became indispensable in the European Winter and Middle East, and during the Crusades, new recipes emerged.
With the European settlers, Hot Wine has arrived in the Americas and now, with the exclusive NxBv recipe, you can enjoy it any time of the year. Yamas!

The Brazilian Quentão (the signature salute to Brazil, contains cachaça)

Quentão is a Brazilian hot drink with incomparable flavor of cachaça in harmony with ginger and spices. Appreciated mainly in the Juninas celebrations of Brazil, traditional popular celebration that happens during the Winter, the drink has origin unknown. Historians and folklorists believe that it has arisen in Minas Gerais and São Paulo, states of the Southeast region of Brazil, with the objective to warm the body in the cold months.
Another story refers to the colonization of the country and the early years of the sugarcane cycle. People say that the great sugarcane production and the difficulty of access to other distilled beverages, people had the idea of creating the hot drink with the spices brought by the Portuguese from the East, such as ginger and cinnamon. Another story tells us that the Quentão is the Hot Toddy of the tropics, an adaptation of the old drink of Scottish origin with the typical Brazilian drink, the cachaça. Imagine, then, to taste a wonderful Quentão when, how and with whom you want having in hand the practicality of the capsules and our exclusive recipe. Saúde!

The savory Rum infused Cream (goes great in your coffee)

From the Caribbean seas to your coffee machine. The refined and mild aroma drink was appreciated by pirates and used as the bargaining chip for centuries. Nowadays it has gained a version in capsules as a cream, the perfection for those who prefer exotic hot drinks and with unparalleled aroma.
The Caribbean treasure, rum is produced from the distillation of sugarcane molasses, which reached those countries by the hands of Christopher Columbus in the late fifteenth century and spread throughout the islands. Books and historians don't confirm which island was responsible for the distillation of molasses, but Barbados is the most cited. In capsules, with the exclusive NxBv recipe, you enjoy all the flavor of the Caribbean. Ahoy!

The creaminess of Irish Coffee

From Ireland to your coffee machine, the creamy Irish drink, invented at the port of Foynes by its chef Joseph Sheridan in the 1940s, is one of the most popular in the world. Unmatched flavor is guaranteed by the perfect blend of coffee, whiskey and sour cream. Like everything good, Irish Coffee was created almost by accident. In the last century, the drink served to warm the passengers of the flying boats that arrived of North America by the Atlantic.
According to history, the invention happened on a day in which a flight departing from Foynes had to return because of the bad weather conditions. The local restaurant was communicated to have ready-made food and beverages for the returning passengers. Sheridan had coffee ready and decided to add a small amount of whiskey to stimulate people. One American passenger asked, "Is this Brazilian coffee?" and Joe replied, "No, it's Irish coffee!" With delicious Brazilian coffee and a recipe developed with great affection, we present our Irish Coffee in capsules. Cheers!

A Taste of Paris by combining Chocolate with Cognac

Sitting in a cafe in Paris overlooking the Seine River or in the comfort of your own home, the delicious taste of hot chocolate is enhanced by Cognac. This delicious alcoholic drink has its origin in the geographical region with the same name in France, located north of Bordeaux. The drink is distilled and made from wine or other fruits such as apple, cherry and apricot. Our recipe in capsules harmonizes the delicious cream chocolate and Cognac for a soft drink and truly created for your pleasure. Santé!

In 2017 our concept moved from the drawing board to fruition, winning partners the world over. Each hot encapsulated drink has been developed by our R&D experts who work closely with our customers to understand, meet and exceed their expectations. We adhere to a client-centric approach in our organization.

We love to hear Hmm! Wow! Yummy!

And for our customers to always be satisfied, the drinks are produced with quality ingredients, preserving the original recipe with a twist.

Come on over!

NxBv is just getting started! While our products win over Brazil and beyond, new flavors are continuously being developed. Innovation and the joy of working for YOU are in our DNA.

We are our Values

Ethics and integrity are in everything we are involved in, be it our business, our team and our partners.
We believe innovation truly makes life tastier!
We believe in people, the potential of people, their dreams, their ideas and love for what they do and share with the world.
We develop products we want to share with our own families and friends and of course our customers.
And we are always attentive to the growth of the business, generating results for those who believe in us and our innovation.

For those 18 years and older

And remember: our products contain alcohol and should only be consumed by those 18 years of age or older, according to Brazilian Law 13.106 / 15, which criminalizes the sale of alcoholic beverages for children and adolescents. For those over 18, it's the best: drink responsibly and when you drink, do not drive!
In other countries, it is important to check and respect local laws.


NxBv is aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (ODDS).

Our first commitment (Objective 12) contributes to the recycling of our packaging. In addition to using biodegradable capsules, we adhere to the "I Recycle" seal, which certifies reverse packaging logistics in Brazil.

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